Islam is Against Extremism

Islam is Against Extremism

Press Release:


Islamic Center of Palm Beach hosting “Islam is Against Extremism” open forum in wake of Orlando mass shooting


N. Palm Beach, Florida (June 16th, 2016) - The Islamic Center of Palm Beach (ICPB) is hosting an open forum event entitled “Islam is Against Extremism”, on Friday June 17th, 2016 at 9:00PM in condemnation of the heinous terrorist act in Orlando, Florida that took place last weekend.


Islamic scholars around the Muslim world have clarified that murder and any other criminal acts are explicitly forbidden in the Islamic faith. Such universal crimes result in nothing but widespread corruption and place extreme hardships and injuries upon innocent people. The evil and harm of such crimes do not only affect one city, rather, the dangers affect the whole world over. The intent of this Friday’s forum at ICPB is to make emphatically clear that crimes perpetrated “in the name of Islam” are in reality in stark opposition to Islamic teachings and to sound intellect.


The Islamic Center of Palm Beach has hosted multiple events open to the general public clarifying the Islamic condemnation of such reprehensible acts and extremist individuals and groups. We plan to continue such efforts, if our Lord so wills.


The Islamic Center of Palm Beach
101 Castlewood Dr
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

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