ICPB Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Given the rapidly changing situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, ICPB has been communicating with the City of North Palm Beach for the latest developments surrounding our community. Ensuring the health, protection and wellbeing of all our ICPB congregants, guests and neighbors are of utmost importance to our administration, and we are taking the current health risks from this pandemic very seriously. We are closely monitoring for updates and recommendations from local, state and national agencies, including the CDC and WHO. Please kindly consider, that as the current situation changes and evolves daily, our plans and strategy to maintain a safe environment and sustain ICPB operations also evolves daily. After reviewing the recommendations of our Islamic Scholars, as well as the important advice from our community and public health leaders, we have determined the urgent need to completely close down the ICPB Masjid. This means all Masjid activities including the five daily congregational prayers, Friday Jumuah prayers, weekly classes and weekend Islamic school, will all be canceled until further notice.

Please keep in mind that the religious and moral obligation which takes precedence over all other objectives is the protection and preservation of human life. This is why acts of worship in the Masjid can be temporarily suspended in order to avoid life-threatening dangers such as this Coronavirus pandemic.  It is also important to understand the context behind the shutdowns of schools, restaurants and the thousands of stores across the country. It is to slow the spread of the virus to a rate that the healthcare system can manage. There are only so many hospital beds and ICU’s in every community hospital, and this pandemic has the potential to overwhelm their capacity. Thus, it is our duty to cooperate and adhere to guidelines pertaining to density control, social distancing and recommendations by the CDC for the cleaning of hands and disinfecting of surfaces.

I would like to thank the ICPB administration, who along with the support of our brothers and sisters, have done a tremendous job planning and responding to this pandemic for ICPB. Let us be reminded to use the time during this trial to increase in the worship of Allah. As an alternative to weekly classes in the masjid, ICPB will broadcast weekly classes live via www.palmbeachmuslims.com  every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday soon after Maghrib prayer. In place of Friday Jumuah Prayer, you will now pray four rak’ats of Dhuhr prayer at home.

We thank everyone for their cooperation. We will continue to closely monitor this situation and update the community.


Sharif El-hosseiny

President of the Islamic Center of Palm Beach


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